Music for Recorder from Renaissance & Baroque
Last updated: 22.11.22
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Label: Sony
Release Date: 09 January, 2006
Works, many by Unknown composers, performed by Hans-Martin Linde.
  1. Sonata In F Major For Recorder And Continuo
  2. Preaeludium In C Minor, Bwv 999, Johann Sebastian Bach
  3. Fuge In G Minor, Bwv 1000, J. S. Bach
  4. Sonata In A Minor, Op.1, 4
  5. The King Of Denmark's Galliard
  6. Variationen Uber Dowlands 'Flow My Tears'
  7. Variationen für Blockflöte Solo
  8. Divisions Upon An Italian Ground
  9. Greensleeves To A Ground
  10. Sonata In G Minor, Op.1, 2
  11. Sonata In C Major, Op.1, 7
  12. Sonata In A Minor, Op.1, 4
  13. Sonata In Fmajor, Op.1, 11