Michel Lysight: Labyrinthes
Last updated: 22.08.18
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Label: Cypres
Release Date: 01 January, 1998
Works by Michel Lysight
1.Thrène for voice & piano
2. Chronographie I for wind quintet
3. Trois Croquis for clarinet & piano
4. Chronographie III for clarinet, bassoon and piano
5. Épode for violin & piano
6. Trois Instantanés for recorder & piano
7. Labyrinthes for flute

Performed by Ensemble Nouvelles Consonances with Amaryllis Grégoire (soprano), Denis-Pierre Gustin (flûte), Olivier Habran (hautbois), Ronald Van Spaendonck (clarinette), Jean-Pierre Dassonville (cor), Pierre Olivier Martens (basson), Zygmunt Marek Kowalski (violon), Joseph Grau (flûte à bec), Leonardo Anglani (piano) conducted by Michel Lysight direction