C.P.E. Bach: Kammermusik
Last updated: 22.11.22
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Label: Atma Classique
Release Date: 27 September, 2005
Works by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach performed by Les Boreades with Francis Colpron, Helene Plouffe.
  1. Quartet for flute, viola, cello & keyboard in D major, H. 538, Wq. 94 with Alexander Weimann
  2. Trio sonata for viola, bass recorder & harpsichord in F major, H. 588, Wq. 163
  3. Sonata: "Sanguineus et Melancholicus", trio for 2 violins (or 1 violin) & continuo in C minor, H. 579, Wq. 161/1 with Pablo Valetti
  4. Quartet for flute, viola, cello & keyboard in A minor, H. 537, Wq. 93 with Pablo Valetti, Alexander Weimann