Jamestown Jubilee 1607-2007
Last updated: 18.12.19
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  1. The Trumpeter of Jamestowne, Randolph W. Cabell
  2. March of the Powhatan Guards, William Wall Whiddit
  3. The Peacemaker March, Frank Sturtevant
  4. The Boyne Water, David B. Diggs
  5. Jefferson March I, David B. Diggs
  6. See, the Conquering Hero Comes, David B. Diggs
  7. Roslin Castle, David B. Diggs
  8. Jefferson's March II, David B. Diggs
  9. Hail, Columbia, David B. Diggs
  10. Life, Let Us Cherish, David B. Diggs
  11. To Anacreon in Heaven, David B. Diggs
  12. The Coolun, David B. Diggs
  13. Yankee Doodle, David B. Diggs
  14. Glory of Jamestown, James W. Casey
  15. Jamestown Rag (1906), Garnett Lee
  16. Jamestown March and Two-step, Karl Lenox
  17. Return of Capt John Smith, Charles M. Carey
  18. The Great Waltz, Sidney D. Mitchell
  19. The New World - Symphonic Suite, James Horner
  20. Powhatan's Daughter March, John Philip Sousa