Wild Cat Blues
Last updated: 18.12.19
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Label: Stomp Off
Release Date: 2nd Jan, 2001
  1. Up Jumped You With Love
  2. Ain't Misbehavin', Thomas Waller
  3. Got a Bran' New Suit
  4. Out Love Was Meant to Be
  5. Paswonky, Thomas (Fats) Waller
  6. Blue Turning Grey Over You
  7. Rump Steak Serenade
  8. Goin' About, Thomas (Fats) Waller
  9. Willow Tree, Thomas (Fats) Waller
  10. Anita, Thomas S. Allen
  11. Sweet Savannah Sue, Thomas (Fats) Waller
  12. There's a Man (Gal) in My Life
  13. It's a Sin to Tell a Lie
  14. Alligator Crawl, Thomas (Fats) Waller
  15. Honey Hush, Thomas (Fats) Waller
  16. Wild Cat Blues (1923), Thomas (Fats) Waller