Piano Masterworks Vol. 2 (1929-1943)
Last updated: 18.12.19
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Label: Epm Musique
Designation: #158992
Release Date: 1929
  1. My Fate Is in Your Hands
  2. Turn on the Heat
  3. St. Louis Blues, William C. Handy - Benny Payne
  4. After You've Gone, Henry Creamer - Benny Payne
  5. I'm Crazy 'Bout My Baby (And My Baby's Crazy 'Bout Me)
  6. Draggin' My Heart Around
  7. African Ripples, Thomas Waller
  8. Clothes-Line Ballet
  9. Alligator Crawl, Thomas Waller
  10. Viper's Drag
  11. Keepin' Out of Mischief Now
  12. Stardust
  13. Basin Street Blues , Spencer Williams
  14. Tea for Two, Vincent Millie Youmans
  15. I Ain't Got Nobody, Spencer Williams
  16. Handful of Keys/Hallelujah
  17. Ain't Misbehavin'/Two Sleepy People
  18. Slightly Less Than Wonderful/There's a Girl in My Life
  19. This Is So Nice, It Must Be Illegal/Martinique
  20. Waller Jive/Hallelujah!
  21. Reefer Song
  22. That's What the Bird Said to Me