Songs of Gambling & The Sea
Last updated: 18.12.19
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Label: Video Artist Intl.
Release Date: 19 April, 2002
  1. Five Sea Chanties: I. Bound for the Rio Grande
  2. Five Sea Chanties: II. Blow, Ye Winds
  3. Five Sea Chanties: III. Across The Western Ocean
  4. Five Sea Chanties: IV. Mobile Bay
  5. Five Sea Chanties: V. Shenandoah
  6. Five Gambler Songs: The Boatmen's Dance
  7. Five Gambler Songs: I. The Rovin' Gambler
  8. Five Gambler Songs: II. The Gambler's Lament
  9. Five Gambler Songs: III. The Gambler's Wife
  10. Five Gambler Songs: IV. Gambler, Don't You Lose Your Place
  11. Five Gambler Songs: V. Gambler's Song Of The Big Sandy River
  12. Jeanie with the light brown hair
  13. Warm As The Autumn Night
  14. I Bought Me A Cat
  15. Think You A Little Din
  16. The Circus Band
  17. The Greatest Man
  18. Charlie Rutlage
  19. Dover Beach
  20. Duets With Evelyn Lear: Mary Ann
  21. Duets With Evelyn Lear: Wayfaring stranger
  22. Duets With Evelyn Lear: Uncle Joe's Reel