How I Got Over
Last updated: 18.12.19
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Label: Columbia
Release Date: 27 October, 1998
  1. I want to rest
  2. I'm going to wait until my change comes
  3. I'm going to tell God
  4. What could I do
  5. Move on up a little higher
  6. Even me
  7. I have a friend
  8. Dig a little deeper
  9. Tired
  10. There's not a friend like Jesus
  11. Amazing Grace
  12. Since the fire started burning in my soul
  13. I can put my trust in Jesus
  14. Child of the King
  15. Get away Jordan
  16. Walk with me
  17. Prayer changes things
  18. Last mile of the way
  19. Move on up a little higher (2)
  20. Just over the hill
  21. I'm glad salvation is free
  22. Do you know him
  23. I'm getting nearer my home
  24. I gave up everything to follow him
  25. It pays to serve Jesus
  26. These are they
  27. He's the one
  28. I walked into the garden
  29. Bless this house
  30. Go tell it on the mountain
  31. Silent night holy night
  32. Lord's prayer
  33. How I got over
  34. Just as I am
  35. Jesus is with me
  36. I bow on my knees
  37. It's no secret (what God can do)
  38. His eye is on the sparrow
  39. God spoke to me
  40. In the upper room
  41. Said he would
  42. He's my light
  43. If you just keep still
  44. I believe
  45. Beautiful tomorrow
  46. Consider me
  47. What then
  48. Hand of God
  49. It's real
  50. No matter how you pray
  51. Walking in Jerusalem
  52. I wonder if I will ever rest
  53. Come to Jesus
  54. Didn't it rain
  55. I'm on my way to Canaan
  56. My story
  57. Nobody knows the trouble I've seen
  58. Closer to me
  59. Willing to run
  60. City called Heaven