The Spirit of the Border - Northumbrian Traditional Music
Last updated: 18.12.19
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Label: Nimbus
Release Date: 23 Aug 2003
  1. The Blackbird (Air) - Chris Ormston
  2. Whinham's Reel/Nancy (Reels) - Anthony Robb/Geoff Purvis
  3. Proudlock's Hornpipe (Hornpipe)/Rothbury Hills (Air) - Richard Butler
  4. Stool Of Repentance/Hexam Races (Jigs) - Colin Ross/Chris Ormston/Adrian Schofield
  5. An Cuilin (The Coolin) (Air) - Adrian Schofield
  6. Cuckold Come Out Of Amrey (March) - Alan Jones/Ralph Thompson
  7. The Bonny Pit Laddie (Jig) - Chris Ormston
  8. Madame Bonaparte (Hornpipe) - Anthony Robb/Geoff Purvis
  9. Memories Of Wallington (Air) - Richard Butler
  10. Jamie Allan/Winster Gallop (Marches) - Anthony Robb/Jamie Robb/Colin Ross/Adrian Schofield
  11. Four Bare Legs Together/Kiss Her Under The Coverlet (Jigs) - Chris Ormston
  12. Spirit Of The Border (March) - Colin Ross/Chris Ormston
  13. Port Gan Ainm/Tobin's Favourite/Tell Her I Am (Jigs) - Geoff Purvis
  14. Yellow-Haired Laddie (Air)/Hesleyside Reel (Reel) - Anthony Robb/Geoff Purvis
  15. Salmon Tails Up The Water/Johnny Armstrong/Redesdale Hornpipe (March/Air/Hornpipe) - Richard Butler
  16. Mrs. Jamieson's Favourite (Air) - Alan Jones/Ralph Thompson
  17. Gillan's Apples/My Darling's Asleep/King Of The Pipers (Jigs) - Adrian Schofield
  18. Here's The Tender Coming/Go To Berwick Johnnie (March/Hornpipe) - Anthony Robb/Jamie Robb
  19. Sir John Fenwick's The Flower Amang Them All (Air) - Richard Butler
  20. The Willow Tree/Mr. Kennedy North (Hornpipes) - Colin Ross/Chris Ormston
  21. Oyster Wife's Rant/Lads Of Alnwick (Marches) - Colin Ross/Chris Ormston/Adrian Schofield