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Label: ASV/Living Era
Release Date: 01 September, 1998
  1. Let's Face The Music And Dance
  2. I'm In A Dancing Mood
  3. The Music Goes 'Round And 'Round
  4. I'm An Old Cowhand ( From The Rio Grande)
  5. The Wabash Cannon Ball
  6. Goody Goody
  7. There Isn't Any Limit To My Love
  8. Your Heart And Mine
  9. You Are My Lucky Star
  10. Until The Real Thing Comes Along
  11. The Touch Of Your Lips
  12. The Fleet's In Port Again
  13. These Foolish Things
  14. The Way You Look Tonight
  15. A Fine Romance
  16. Let Yourself Go
  17. Serenade In the Night
  18. When I'm Cleaning Windows
  19. Would You?
  20. Indian Love Call
  21. The Glory Of Love
  22. Stompin' At The Savoy
  23. Easy To Love
  24. Lights Out