Stephen Foster's America
Last updated: 22.11.22
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Label: Amerimusic
Release Date: 01 January, 1998
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  1. Oh, Susanna
  2. Massa's In De Cold Ground
  3. Old Folks At Home
  4. Camptown Races
  5. Beautiful Dreamer
  6. Nelly Bly
  7. Jeanie with the light brown hair
  8. Gentle Annie
  9. Hard Times Come Again No More
  10. Swing low, sweet chariot
  11. Deep River
  12. He's got the whole world in his hands
  13. If You've Only Got A Moustache
  14. Old Dog Tray
  15. Glendy Burk
  16. My Old Kentucky Home, Good Night
  17. Some Folks
  18. When This Dreadful War Is Ended
  19. Was My Brother In The Battle?
  20. Nothing But A Plain Old Soldier
  21. Battle Hymn Of The Republic
  22. America