And a Union of Friends Pulling Together
Last updated: 18.12.19
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Label: Smithsonian Folkways
Release Date: 21 September, 1999
  1. Miss Sue Just Joined The Union
  2. Family Reunion/ Skip to my Lou
  3. Mabel, Mabel, Mabel
  4. Union Train/Train's A Comin'
  5. Hallelujah, We Are Traveling
  6. Keep Your Hands On The Plow
  7. The Farmer is the man
  8. When Israel was in Egypt's land (Let My People Go)
  9. Going Down The Road Feeling Bad
  10. In Unity There Is Strength/Stickin' To The Union
  11. What's Your Trade
  12. Hammer, Hammer, Hammer
  13. A Singer Of Folk Songs
  14. If I had a hammer
  15. Union Meeting
  16. Speak Right Up
  17. The Picket Line
  18. Step By Step
  19. Making Music Together
  20. One Mail Bait
  21. The More We Work Together
  22. The Union Team
  23. Which Side Are You On?
  24. Sticking To The Union
  25. Solidarity Forever
  26. Circle Of Friends
  27. Sticking To The Union