St. Stephen's Junior School
Last updated: 07.11.23
St. Stephen's, or Stevoes as we children called it, was a Church of England school attached to the same-named church in the parish of Barbourne. The school colours were black and white but in those post-war WWII times there were no school uniforms. Just a tie or a belt (or both if it could be afforded) bore those colours. There was still rationing and we kids were all very skinny - in my class of 30 there was only one slightly chubby lad who we cruelly nick-named "Fatty". Everybody walked - even the teachers some of whom may have had bikes.
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Barbara Anderson Jeff Bowers
Glenis Clarke Colin Colwell
Carol Cook Martin Cox
Hazel Cooper Geoff Grainger
Rosemary Hooper David Lloyd
Janet Lee "Fatty" Robinson
Patsy Kelly Keith Welch
Sandra Martin X. Nash
Joy Nichols
Jill Patrick
Peggy Peart
Teresa Powell
Elaine Thomas
Brenda X.
Sylvia X
Barbara Anderson, Glenis Clark, Carol Cook, Hazel Cooper, Rosemary Hooper, Janet Lee , Patsy Kelly, Sandra Martin , Joy Nichols, Jill Patrick, Peggy Peart, Teresa Powell, Elaine Thomas, Brenda, Sylvia
Colin Colwell Martin Cox Geoff Grainger David Lloyd Nash Fatty Robinson Keith Welch Jeff Bowers
n.k.Class 1Infant School
n.k.Class 2Infant School
n.k.Class 3Infant School
n.k.Class 4Infant School
n.k.JanitorLived between the Infant and Junior Schools
Miss PethordClass 1Red-haired music teacher
Miss HillClass 2Taught Greek Myth and Legend as History
Miss BarrClass 3Needle work
Miss WalshClass 4Mathematics
Miss WheelerClass 5Sport
Mr JackmanClass 6Played for Worceste City FC
Mr RayersClass 7
Miss KayClass 8
Mr "Dawdy" WestwoodHeadmaster