Graeme Miles (-2013)
Last updated: 25.01.21
Graeme Miles was a songwriter from Teesside in North East England. He is said to have written hundreds of songs between 1950 and 1972 celebrating the area including industry and surrounding countryside. Many of these were based on personal experience working at different locations and trades including the ironstone industry. Quite a few deal with life as a National Serviceman in Germany
He was well known performing at folk clubs around Teesside and Tyneside and has been recorded by notables such Martyn Wyndham-Read, Vin Garbutt and Wilson Family. A great favourite with Tyneside Maritime Chorus who have Railwayman's Farewell to Darlington, The Salt Peolple and The Shores of Old Blighty in their repertoire.
Personal remarks:
I have come across Graeme Miles as part of a research project in 2013 and have become really intrigued by the fact that although generally acknowledged as a key folk song writer and singer, he never recorded and his only published songbook given below contains only some 50 of his works.
To get a handle on the extent of his works, I have compiled the song list given below gleaned from various Internet sources. In no way does it claim to be complete and represents only those song located as of 25.01.21. Contributions and corrections to the list from surfers are welcomed!
  1. Across the Hills of Yatton
  2. At Yarm Fair
  3. Banks of the Leven
  4. Dark December
  5. The Drift From the Land
  6. The Duchess of Kent
  7. The Eagle and the Dove
  8. Eskwaterside
  9. An Evening in Summer
  10. Exercise No. 77
  11. Fair the Heather Grows
  12. Farndale Daffodils
  13. The Green Banks of Grain
  14. Green Coats and Beagles
  15. The Green Howard Soldier
  16. The Heath of Luneburg
  17. Horumarye
  18. The Lairdsfield Disaster
  19. Lapwing's Feather
  20. Merry Little Hop
  21. My Eldorado
  22. Otago
  23. Over Yonder Banks
  24. The Railwayman's Farewell to Darlington
  25. Redcar Lads
  26. Ring of Iron
  27. Romney Way
  28. The Roving Minstrels
  29. Running Fox
  30. Sad February
  31. The Salt People (1959)
  32. Sea Coal
  33. She Walks Alone
  34. The Shores of Old Blighty
  35. Smoke Over Belfast
  36. Songs Of Ironopolis
  37. The Squaddie's Lullaby
  38. Waiting For the Ferry
  39. We Are the Roving Minstrels
  40. The Wealden Men
  41. When the Green Man Walks the Forest
  42. When the Snows of Winter Fall
  43. When the Tees Ran Warm
  44. Where Ravens Feed
  45. The Woeful Scarecrow

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