The Dolly Sisters
Last updated: 31.08.23
p_dollysis.jpg Jenny Dolly (October 24, 1892- June 1, 1941)
Rosie Dolly (October 24, 1892- February 1, 1970)
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     Title Attribution Instruments Source Remarks
pdf15.gif They Didn't Believe Me (1914) J. Kern (music)
Herbert Reynolds (words)
Dolly Sisters (perf.)
Piano, Voice Indiana wvicon.gif
pdf15.gif Tell Me Why (1919) V. Rose (music)
Richard Coburn (words)
Dolly Sisters (perf.)
Piano, Voice IMSLP wvicon.gif
This list is arranged by composer and contains 9 works performed by Dolly Sisters who is featured on sheet music covers. It does not claim to be complete and represents only the number of items located. Keys: (w&m) ER
     Title Composer Attribution Remarks
perf15.jpg I'm Always Chasing Rainbows (1918) Harry Carroll Joseph McCarthy (words)
Dolly Sisters (perf.)
Betty Grable (perf.)
June Haver (perf.)
Patsy Kelly (perf.)
John Payne (perf.)
Debbie Reynolds (perf.)
Ruth Warrick (perf.)
Harvey Wilson (perf.)
perf15.jpg Kiss For Cinderella (1918), A Harry Carroll Joseph McCarthy (words)
Dolly Sisters (perf.)
Harry Fox (perf.)
perf15.jpg Vamp (1919), The Byron Gay(w&m) Dolly Sisters (perf.)
Marie Wells (perf.)
perf15.jpg Bumble Bee (1911) Jean Havez(w&m) James Blyler (co-author)
Donnelly (co-author)
Dolly Sisters (perf.)
perf15.jpg They Didn't Believe Me (1914) Jerome Kern Herbert Reynolds (words)
Donald Brian (perf.)
Walter Van Brunt (perf.)
Joseph Cawthorn (perf.)
Dolly Sisters (perf.)
Gladys Rice (perf.)
Julia Sanderson (perf.)
Rudy Vallée (perf.)
perf15.jpg Heavenly Twins (1916) Henry I. Marshall Stanley Murphy (words)
Dolly Sisters (perf.)
perf15.jpg Tell Me Why (1919) Vincent Rose Richard Coburn (words)
Dolly Sisters (perf.)
perf15.jpg Danse Rozsika (1915) Jean Schwartz Dolly Sisters (perf.) wvicon.gif
perf15.jpg Beware of Pink Pajamas (1916) Jean Schwartz Joe Young (words)
Sam M Lewis (words)
Dolly Sisters (perf.)