Acker Bilk (1929-2014)
Last updated: 12.09.18
p_bilka.jpgAccording to the Internet source given below, Bernard Stanley "Acker" Bilk, MBE was an English clarinettist and vocalist known for his breathy, vibrato-rich, lower-register clarinet style, and distinctive appearance of goatee, bowler hat and striped waistcoat.
Bilk's 1962 instrumental tune Stranger on the Shore became the UK's biggest selling single of 1962: it was in the UK charts for more than 50 weeks, peaking at number two, and was the first No. 1 single in the United States by a British artist in the era of the modern Billboard Hot 100 pop chart.
Personal remarks:
I attended many of his performances at ship's company dances and his various appearances in Portsmouth.
In my vinyl collection I have:
  • Mr Acker Bilk, Hallmark Records HMA 216 -1959
  • Attention: Mr Acker Bilk!, Fontana 6459 205
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youtube15.jpg Acker Bilk & His Paramount Jazz Band: Creole Jazz (2:47)
youtube15.jpg George Lewis and Acker Bilk - Corine Corinna - May 1965 (3:33) Corinna
youtube15.jpg Mr. Acker Bilk - Stranger On The Shore 1988 (Live) (2:51)