Sydney Bechet (1897-1959)
Last updated: 13.09.18
p_bechets.jpgAccording to the Internet source given below, was an American jazz saxophonist, clarinetist, and composer. He was one of the first important soloists in jazz, beating trumpeter Louis Armstrong to the recording studio by several months.[1] His erratic temperament hampered his career, and not until the late 1940s did he earn wide acclaim.
Personal remarks:
Sidney Bechet was my saxophone hero when getting into jazz in the early 1960s. In my vinyl collection I have:
  • Bechet, Riverside - RLP 149
On Side 1 - track 1, he plays an amazing (for me)
  • Wild Cat Blues (1923) version on his soprano saxophone, a performance rivaling that od Monty Sunshine
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    youtube15.jpg I've Found a New Baby by Sidney Bechet (1958) (9:05)
    youtube15.jpg Sidney Bechet - Dans les rues d'Antibes (3:30)
    youtube15.jpg Sidney Bechet - Petite fleur (Live 1958) (3:33)