O du eselhafter Peierl
Last updated: 04.02.21
Composer: W.A. Mozart Suppliers: pdfunav15.gif 
Editor: Robert C. Walshe Quintet D/A(T)/A(T)/T/B
Publisher: Robert C. Walshe Publication:
"O du eselhafter Peierl" is another example of where my musical interests cross. I first heard about it from Dr. Rosteck when we decided to include a related piece Freunde lasset uns beim Zechen in our song book We're Only Here For The Beer! - Light sometime early in 2007. It was a pleasant surprise to find this arrangement at Robert C. Walshe's website. It was promptly downloaded in April 2010 to be played by the Alt-Aumund Blockflöten-Ensemble. Walshe's arrangement is for a D/T/T/T/B setting but with hardly much effort which we have lightly rearranged it to be played by two trebles for the 2nd and 3rd voices. The sheet music for free downloading comprises a score pdfunav15.gif and the above midi.
Thanks a lot Mr Walshe!