Suite From the Royal Wind Music of King James I
Last updated: 11.04.18
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Editor: Thurston Dart Sextet D/D/A/T/T/B
Publisher: Oxford University Press Publication: OUP
According to the cover notes, the suite was selected from seventy-two compositions contained in the Fitzwilliam Museum Mus. MSS 24.E.13-17, a set of five quarto part-books bearing the arms of King James I. The suite has 6 items comprising an "Almande" by James Harding, an "Almande" by Giles Farnaby, a "Fantasia" by Jerome Bassano, a "Pavan" by Anthony Bassano, an "Almande" by Nicholas Guy and a final "Almande" by good old Anon
These are fine sounding pieces and relatively easy for beginners. The first descant can generally be replaced with a sopranino to good advantage, for my personal tastes. The Schwanewede Recorder Consort broadcast James Harding's "Almande" on BBC Leeds in June 1983.
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