Somei Satoh  (1947-)
Last updated: 27.10.19
According to the Internet source given below, Somei Satoh is a Japanese composer born in Sendai (northern Honshu). He began his career in 1969 with "Tone Field," an experimental, mixed media group based in Tokyo. In 1972 he produced "Global Vision," a multimedia arts festival, that encompassed musical events, works by visual artists and improvisational performance groups. In one of his most interesting projects held at a hot springs resort in Tochigi Prefecture in 1981, Satoh places eight speakers approximately one kilometre apart on mountain tops overlooking a huge valley. As a man-made fog rose from below, the music from the speakers combined with laser beams and moved the clouds into various formations.
He has written more than thirty compositions, including works for piano, orchestra, chamber music, choral and electronic music, theatre pieces and music for traditional Japanese instruments.
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