Jean de Macque  (c.1550-1614)
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According to the Internet source given below, Jean [Giovanni] de Macque [Maque] was a French composer. A pupil of Philippe de Monte at the Imperial court in Vienna, he spent much of his life in Italy, in Rome from 1568 and in Naples from 1586. There he served the Prince of Venosa (C. Gesualdo di Venosa's father), was organist at SS. Annunziata in 1590, and from 1594 served the royal chapel as organist and later director of music. He wrote fourteen volumes of madrigals and madrigaletti, one of motets, and, a quantity of keyboard music; this last combined a boldness of modulation (as in Consonanze stravaganti) with contrapuntal resource from his northern training in ingenious toccata and canzona movements. He was the most outstanding of those Flemish madrigalists who worked in southern Italy.
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Performance Score. 4 pages.
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Arr./Editor: Murray
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