Luzzasco Luzzaschi  (ca.1545-1607)
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According to the Internet source given below, Luzzasco Luzzaschi was an Italian composer. He was taught by Cyprian de Rore in Ferrara and served at the court chapel there from 1567, becoming organist by 1576. He was also being employed at the Accademia della Morte and (possibly) the cathedral. He himself taught Girolamo Frescobaldi and published eight books of madrigals without accompaniment, one with accompaniment, and one book of motets. Even in quite early madrigals he expressed himself in an individual, chromatic idiom that anticipated C. Gesualdo di Venosa, but his most important works were the Madrigali per cantare et sonareof 1601, brilliantly written for three voices and (written-out) keyboard accompaniment, the earliest example of this texture in madrigals though firmly in the tradition of virtuoso professional court music.
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