Turner Layton  (1894-1976)
Last updated: 01.03.21
According to the Internet source given below, together with Henry Creamer Turner Layton Jr. was part of the successful songwriting and vaudeville duo Creamer & Layton. They chiefly remembered for their After You've Gone (1918) published by Broadway Music Corp., New York, USA and Way Down Yonder in New Orleans (1922) published by Shapiro, Bernstein & Co., New York & Chicago, USA
John Turner Layton, Jr., was an American songwriter, singer and pianist born in Washington, D.C. After his success with Henry Creamer he left for London in 1924 teaming up with Clarence "Tandy" Johnstone as a member of the group Layton & Johnstone. Layton split with Johnstone in 1935 continuing to perform in England but with less success.
He died in London.
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