Johann Ludwig Krebs  (1713-1780)
Last updated: 04.11.17
According to Handbuch der Klaviermusik Johann Ludwig Krebs was a German composer born in Büttelstädt near Weimar, the son of a cantor. He was a Thomas Scholar in Leipzig under Johann Sebastian Bach. He served as organist in Zwickau (1937), Zeitz (1746) and in Altenburg (1746) until he died there. His main works: trio sonatas, organ and piano works.
Books :
book15.gif Six Preludes for Harpsichord Johann Ludwig Krebs flag15us.gif flag15uk.gif flag15ca.gif
Recorder Sheet Music
Suite in D Major (D/Violin/BC) (777711)
Score and Parts.
Publisher: Schott & Co. Ltd. (ANT0067)
Erforsche mich Gott (Psalm 139) (D/A/T/Harp.) (3847472)
Score and Parts.
Publisher: Cheap Trills (TR00031)