Fred Hamm 
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According to the Internet source given below, Fred Hamm was a Chicago jazz orchestra leader and composer of the song Bye Bye Blues. In 1925 he took over the leadership of the Benson Orchestra (founded by Edgar Benson). He sang and played the cornet. Among the members of his band were Dave Bennett (who played clarinet and alto saxophone), Chauncey Gray (piano), and Bert Lown (violin). Bennett, Gray and Lown were also the lyricists of Bye Bye Blues
An arrangement by May Singhi Breen was published by Irving Berlin Inc., New York, USA. in 1930.

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Bye Bye Blues SAB Das Trio book15.gifurl15.gif
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Bye Bye Blues 1930 Dave Bennett (words)
Bert Lown (words)
Chauncey Gray (words)
Bert Lown (perf.)