Frederick S. Hall 
Last updated: 03.11.17
This list is arranged in chronological order and contains 15 works by Frederick S. Hall. It does not claim to be complete and represents only the number of items located. Key: Items on hold

Admiral Dewey's Triumphal March (1898) wvicon.gif
The New Century (1908) wvicon.gif
At Heavan's Door (1898) wvicon.gif
Color Bearer (1913) wvicon.gif
The Bennington Waltz (1898) wvicon.gif
Cheese It (1914) wvicon.gif
In the Rain After the Shower (1898) wvicon.gif
The League of Nations Anthem (1918) wvicon.gif
Words by: Wm. P. Taylor
N.E.O.P. March (1898) wvicon.gif
A Venetian Reverie (1923) wvicon.gif
Arr. by Calvin Grooms
Robin's Song of Peace (1898) wvicon.gif
Words & Music: Hall
Eighth Regiment Two Step (?) wvicon.gif
Bunker Hill March (1900) wvicon.gif
Volunteer's March and Two - Step (?) wvicon.gif
Come Love, to Me (1900) wvicon.gif
Words & Music: Hall