Norman Fulton  (1909-1980)
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According to the Internet source given below, (Robert) Norman Fulton studied at the Royal Academy of Music to which he returned in 1966 to be Professor of Harmony and Composition. In 1936 he joined the BBC and eventually became Head of its West Regional music from 1953-1960. His compositions, in a mildly astringent idiom, included symphonies and in lighter vein a 15 minute Serenade for Strings, Five Entertainment's and Curtain Walls Sketches, both for small orchestra, the Waltz Rhapsody for piano and orchestra, a ballet Augury, the Scottish Suite for recorder and piano, Little Suite and Dance Miniatures, both for piano duet, and music for radio features (e.g. for Shakespeare's A Winter's Tale, 1949, Ara's Xmas Play, 1946, An Englishman Looks at Norway and Aaron's Field) and for films.
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