Joachim Nikolas Eggert  (1779-1813)
Last updated: 17.08.20
According to the Internet source given below, Joachim Nicolas Eggert was a Swedish composer and musical director born in Gingst on Rügen. He studied violin and composition Stralsund as well as musical theory in Braunschweig and Göttingen under Johann Nikolaus Forkel. In 1802 he was appointed Kapellmeister at the court theater of Schwerinand a year later was violinist at the Royal Court Orchestra of Sweden. In 1807 he was appointed member of the Royal Swedish Musical Academy; in the same year he made his debut as a musical director. Between 1808 and 1812 he worked as a Hofkapellmeister at the Royal Court Orchestra. He died young in Thomestorp, Östergötland, Sweden, of tuberculosis.
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