Caroline Ansink  (1959-)
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According to the Internet source given below, Caroline Ansink is is a Dutch composer born in Amsterdam. She studied flute under Abbie de Quant at the Utrecht Conservatorium and composition under Joep Straesser. She has also often visited the Korean-born composer Isang Yun for advice.
Caroline Ansink composes chamber music as well as orchestral- and choral works which have been performed by the Nederlands Balletorkest, the Nederlands Studenten Kamerkoor, Abbie de Quant, Jard van Nes, Osiris Trio, Brisk, Syrinx saxophonekwartet, Duo Cuypers / Lop, etc. She composed the music for the children-performance Van Aap tot Zet with 26 animal poems by Mensje van Keulen.
Of recorder interest is her Melting Buddha (1993)
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Score and Parts.
Publisher: Magnamusic (ASC0149)