Complete Piano Rags of Scott Joplin
Last updated: 06.08.17
Printed: 1988 Author: David Jasen
Publisher: Dover Publications Inc. ISBN: 0486258076
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Paperback: 208 pages. December 1, 1988.
Amazon Review
This wonderful book brings together in one superbly produced playing edition all 38 of Scott Joplin's piano rags, including his six collaborations, plus Joplin's own primer on how to play ragtime, the "School of Ragtime". Each rag has been reprinted, along with its sheet-music cover, from the original publisher's edition.
By Nels Lindberg (Seattle, WA United States)
Complete Piano Rags is a great book to play from. Any pianist of modest ability should get great enjoyment from these pieces once they figure out the syncopation. Ragtime is a great crowd-pleaser, too. Complete Piano Rags also shows the covers from the original sheet music for the rags, which are amusing in some cases. Like every other Dover edition, this book is a good value at a low price, and won't fall apart through use. The only thing this book doesn't have that I wish it did is Joplin's "Solace: a Mexican Serenade," which isn't a rag, but is still very beautiful (can be heard on one of J. Rifkin's records). If you do buy this book, I recommend playing "The Magnetic Rag," and "The Fig Leaf Rag." "Elite Syncopations" has a cool ending section, too