Amazing Grace
Last updated: 03.05.17
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Label: Disques dom
Release Date: 21 June, 1994
  1. Amazing Grace
  2. Dream Valley of Glendaruel/Loch Maree/Far over Struy
  3. Piper Edward John Morris/Gordon Highlanders/Angus MacKinnon/British Le
  4. Lord Lovat's Lament/The Battle of Waterloo/Dr. Cam Stewart
  5. Highland Harry/The Caledonian Society of London/Marion and Donald/The M
  6. Blackbird/Willie's Brogues/Murdoch MacAllister/Thunderhead/Duncan the G
  7. Lord Alexander Kennedy/Maggie Cameron/The York Reel
  8. Heroes of Wickenby/Going to Pitlochry/Prince's Street Gardens/Entry int
  9. Drum Salute/Lord Byron/Banks of Allan Water/Heroes of Vittoria
  10. Raigmore/Calum Iain/Whistling Postman/Shoreline of Lewis/Sporting Jamie
  11. My Home/P/M Willie Ross' Farewell/72nds Farewell to Aberdeen/Piper's Ca
  12. Haughs of Cromdale/Aspen Bank/Stumpie/Piper of Drummond/Jack Wilson's B
  13. Westering Home/Train Journey North/Coppermill
  14. Two Pints of Heavy/Bonnie House of Airlie/The Last Fish Supper/The Sold
  15. Scotland the Brave/Carnwath Mill