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My Liverpool Home
Last updated: 11.10.23
I learned My Liverpool Home from that famed exiled Liverpudlian, none other than Brian Kelly. In just four verses it manages to cram in a tremendous many aspects of life being in Liverpool and an intriguing chorus which is practically incomprehensible to those outsiders not in the know. Dear surfer, let me clue you in as the chorus goes:
"In my Liverpool home, in my Liverpool home
(Line 1: No trouble so far, the singer states where he lives, twice for those that didn't catch it the first time)
We speak with an accent exceedingly rare
(Line 2: The accent referred to is "Scouse" which incidentally is not quite so rare when one considers how large Liverpool is. Scouse is derived from Northern English and Irish/Ulster accents. The Beatles used a mild form of it that could be understood by the world at large.)
We meet under a statue exceedingly bare
(Line 3: Ah, this gets more tricky. This line refers to a popular meeting place in Liverpool and the controversial naked work-of-art which graces it.
If you want a cathedral, we've got one to spare in my Liverpool Home"
(Line 4: Here the singer refers to the two cathedrals (Roman Catholic and Anglican)which Liverpool has the pride of possessing.

I remember seeing a TV news report some years ago when royalty was visiting Liverpool. The children lining the streets were singing this song whilst waiting for the royal cavalcade. My Liverpool Home must be the Scouser's National Anthem!

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