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Der Herr ist mein Hirte
Last updated: 22.04.24
I sang Der Herr ist mein Hirte by Max Drischner as a member of Die Zeitlupe at a memorable "Tischabendmahl" on Maundy Thursday in 2006 in Michaelskirche Bremen-Grohn. It was written in A♭ by Max Drischner and is based on Psalm 23.
As a bass singer, there is some bar-counting to do while the upper voices do their bit. For me, I loved the repeated lines
Und ob ich schon wanderte im finstern Tal on the sustained note of F - oh for the joys of works in A♭!
This choral piece can be found in Ehre und Preis page 136.
     Title Performer Composer
youtube15.jpg Der Herr ist mein Hirte (2:47) Junge Hessische Philharmonie, Hünfeld M. Drischner