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Geoff Grainger
Last updated: 14.09.18
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     Song Group Remarks CDs
can15.gif La belle Françoise Canadian nlyrics.gif  
can15.gif La Claire Fontaine Canadian nlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gif
can15.gif La grande demande Canadian  
french15.gif La Mer French nlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gif
can15.gif La poule à Colin Canadian nlyrics.gif cd15.gif
can15.gif La randonnée de madame Canadian nlyrics.gif  
can15.gif La rose blanche Canadian cd15.gifcd15.gif
can15.gif La soupe aux pois Canadian  
oz15.gif Lachlan Tigers, The Australian nlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gif
nba15.gif Lambton Worm, The Tyneside nlyrics.gifyoutube15.jpg cd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gif
nba15.gif Land Where the Fells Meet the Sky, The Tyneside cd15.gifcd15.gif
flag15de.gif Lang, lang ist's her German midi15.gifnlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gif
shamrock15.gif Lannigan's Ball Irish nlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gif
shamrock15.gif Last House in our Street Irish nlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gif
shamrock15.gif Last Rose of Summer, The Irish midi15.gifnlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gif
oz15.gif Lazy Harry's Australian midi15.gifnlyrics.gif cd15.gif
can15.gif Le bal chez Boulé Canadian nlyrics.gif  
can15.gif  Le p'tit cordonnier Canadian nlyrics.gif  
can15.gif Le p'tit Grégoire Canadian nlyrics.gif cd15.gif
can15.gif Le petit prince Canadian cd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gif
can15.gif Le prince d'Orange Canadian nlyrics.gif cd15.gif
can15.gif Le son du Verre Canadian nlyrics.gif  
pub15.gif Leaning on a lamppost Pub midi15.gifnlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gif
chin15.gif Learn the numbers Chinese  
kids15.jpg Leary the Lamplighter Childrens' nlyrics.gif  
english15.gif Leather Bottel, The English mp315.gifnlyrics.gif cd15.gif
anchor15.gif Leave her, Johnny Sea Songs midi15.gifnlyrics.gifyoutube15.jpg cd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gif
anchor15.gif Leaving of Liverpool, The Sea Songs midi15.gifnscore.gifnlyrics.gifyoutube15.jpg cd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gif
flag15de.gif Lemon Tree German youtube15.jpg  
flag15us.gif Lemon Tree American nlyrics.gifyoutube15.jpg cd15.gif
can15.gif Les canayens sont un Peula Canadian  
can15.gif Les filles de la Rochelle Canadian nlyrics.gif cd15.gif
can15.gif Les gars de Locminé Canadian nlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gif
can15.gif Les petits Latour Canadian  
can15.gif Les raftmans Canadian  
anchor15.gif  Let There Be a Tower of Refuge Sea Songs nlyrics.gif  
nba15.gif Liberty for the Sailors Tyneside nlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gif
flag15de.gif Liebe macht dumm German nlyrics.gif cd15.gif
flag15de.gif Lilli Marlen German midi15.gifnscore.gifnlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gif
pub15.gif Lilli Marlene Pub midi15.gifnlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gif
english15.gif Lily the Pink English nlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gif
oz15.gif Lime Juice Tub Australian nlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gif
shamrock15.gif Limerick you're a lady Irish nlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gif
english15.gif Lincolnshire Poacher, The English midi15.gifnlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gif
chin15.gif Little baby goes to sleep Chinese  
anchor15.gif Little Boy Billee Sea Songs nlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gif
chin15.gif Little cowherd Chinese  
chin15.gif Little donkey Chinese  
chin15.gif Little duckie Chinese  
chin15.gif Little ducks Chinese  
chin15.gif Little rabbit Chinese  
chin15.gif Little swallow Chinese  
kids15.jpg Little White Rabbit, A Childrens' nlyrics.gif  
flag15sc.gif  Loch Lomond Scots midi15.gifnlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gif
shamrock15.gif Londonderry Air (Would God) Irish midi15.gifnlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gif
shamrock15.gif Look at the Coffin Irish nlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gif
english15.gif Lord of the Dance English nlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gif
flag15de.gif Lorelei German midi15.gifnlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gif
shamrock15.gif Love is Teasing Irish nlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gif
english15.gif Lovers' Tasks, The English mp315.gifnlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gif
anchor15.gif Lowlands Away Sea Songs nlyrics.gifyoutube15.jpg cd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gif
platt15.jpg Lütt Anna Susanna Platt nlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gif
platt15.jpg Lütt Matten Platt midi15.gifnscore.gifnlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gif
english15.gif Lullaby English cd15.gifcd15.gifcd15.gif
platt15.jpg Lustig reed he Platt nlyrics.gif cd15.gif
flag15de.gif Lustig, lustig, ihr lieben Brüder German nlyrics.gif cd15.gifcd15.gif