Matthijs Lunenburg (1981-)
Last updated: 03.10.20
rplunenburgm.jpgAccording to the Internet source given below, Matthijs Lunenburg was born in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Aged 10, he started playing the recorder. He won several 1st prices at the Prinses Christina Concours, and received a special commendation at the international recorder festival SONBU. In 2000 he started his studies with Walter van Hauwe at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. He received his bachelor diploma in 2005, after which he was admitted into the postgraduate course, in which he specialises in both improvisation techniques of the sixteenth century and contemporary music with the use of live electronics. Matthijs is member of the ensemble The Royal Wind Music and played with ensembles such as Via Artis and Artes Liberales.