Ferdinand Conrad
Last updated: 03.10.20
rpconrad.jpgFerdinand Conrad is, for me, a shadowy figure. His name crops up here and there (e.g. in Clas Pehrsson LP sleeve note mentioning that he had studied with him) but I have yet to track down recordings made by him. I did however hear him on NDR in 1982 and was fortunate to be able to quickly to tape his consort playing Allegro Und Minuet For a Flute Clock by Ludwig van Beethoven.
It was a real godsend as this piece had taken into the repertoire of the The Schwanewede Recorder Consort and became a cornerstone in our programme.
I would be very grateful to any surfer who could make Ferdinand Conrad a less shadowy for me.

As of 14th June 2001, Nicholas S. Lander put me on to a fascinating fact given on one of his webpages that simply every hater of plastic recorders (I have been a convinced supporter for over 20 and more years), especially here in Germany, should know. Quoting from History of the Recorder, a certain Loretto (1993) relates an apocryphal tale to the effect that Ferdinand Conrad, one of the pioneers of the German recorder revival, succeeded in convincing Martin Skowroneck to make a plastic instrument for him. Skowroneck, anxious that such a recorder should not be played in public, made it of a violent blue-coloured plastic, a feature that would be considered a virtue by today's players!
Thanks a lot Nicholas!

As of November 2002, recorder player Denis Borges Barbosa has brought Ferdinand Conrad right out into the open with a both the photo shown on the left and the following anecdote: Ferdinand taught me some master classes on recorder in Rio de Janeiro, in July 1969. The photo was taken during a class, together with Marcelo Madeira (a flute and recorder player, already deceased), Flavio Aprigliano Filho (a recorder player) and me. He was Professor at the Hannover Conservatory at the time he came to Brazil. A little story about him. He put Handel's F major on the table (in front of the class) and asked me on a very joking manner: can you "handle" this sonata? I answered: "C'est pas telemann dificile...." If you introduce some German accent on the two sides, it should be fun!
Ferdinand Conrad is pictured 2nd from left. Very much appreciated Denis!

In July 2004, surfer Bryan Thalhammer wrote to me that he owns an LP recorded by Conrad, Dance Music of the Renaissance (Victrola VICS-1328) ca. 1969-1970, and it has works by Jacques Moderne, Tielman Susato, Pierre Attaignant, Pierre Phalèse, Melchior Franck, Hans Leo Hassler and Christoph Demantius. Many thanks to you too, Bryan!.