50 Famous Melodies For Descant Recorder
Last updated: 19.12.19
Composer: Miscellaneous Suppliers:  
Editor: Harold Dexter; Solo D
Publisher: Francis, Day & Hunter Publication: F. & D. Ltd. 23798
This, together with First Concert Pieces, is one of the very first items which I ever purchased sometime in 1963 in Singapore. With it I regaled my reluctant comrades in the RDR/Annexe in H.M.S. Victorious only to be banished to the loneliness of the DPT Office where I competed manfully against "landing" aircraft (performing a controlled crash is the better term) such as Vixens and Buccaneers. How unfair! My gentle descant Dolmetsch against 30 ton state-of-the-art carrier-borne aircraft at full-throttle.
This item spent another five years in my ditty box and emerged bearing scars which it wears with honour today, to whit: tattered, yellowed, stained, bereft of covers (actually, I believe I am describing myself - read whitened for yellowed and the description is apt!). I managed, and loved nearly all the melodies in it and it encouraged me to tackle more difficult works. The ideal beginner's book!