Sleepy Lou (1906)
Last updated: 30.10.19
Composer: I.M. Giblin Suppliers:  
Editor: Stan Davis Quartet S/D/T/B
Publisher: Arcadian Press Publication: AP 034
Quoting from the Arcadian Press notes:
"Sleepy Lou" was published by Jerome H. Remick and Co, Detroit and New York. It did not attain the popularity of Giblin's first rag Chicken Chowder Rag (1905) but is an interesting example of ragtime. It features Giblin's distinctive brand of chromaticism and concludes, as do some of her later rags, with a rather unusual return to the B section. The complete form for this rag is: Introduction A A B A C B. The "call and response" type of phrases in the A section create a special effect while the "slow and drag" tempo helps carry out the "sleepy" mood. Original key: Eb.

This recorder adaptation contrasts very much with the sextet version. Here the original range scale is raised by an octave, the dynamics are lightly edited and the recorder-friendly key of C-major is employed instead of the original Eb-major.

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