Sonatella For Five Recorders and Continuo
Last updated: 30.10.19
Composer: A. Bertali Suppliers:  
Editor: Dr. Ernst H. Meyer Quintet S/D/A/T/B
Publisher: Schott & Co. Ltd. Publication: Edition Schott 10106
This "Sonatella for Five Recorders and Continuo" by Antonio Bertali is one of four works recommended by Glenis Cole, the then teacher of music at the Christopher Whitehead Girls School, Worcester in April 1982 for possible use by the "The Schwanewede Recorder Consort" which was then on a 2-week tour in Worcester/Hereford, England. On our return to Germany, we started rehearsals and eventually played it at in "grand style" at our Advent Concert in the Sankt Luciae Kirche, Meyenburg, in November 1982.
It was a brave experiment involving 13, (yes 13!), recorder players whose abilities ranged from absolute beginners to intermediate, continuo (organ) was provided by Ingrid Rethfeld (later to become a member of Blue Tuesday some 15 years down the road). The organ was separated from the performers by the whole length of the church resulting in a compete disconnection of continuo and consort. The participants didn't seem to mind and the packed church of mainly family members and friends, even less but for me it was something of a flop not to be repeated again. A tape recording was made and I always cringe (even today in 2000) whenever I listen to it - very, very rarely I might add.
Life goes on and it was more than somewhat of a pleasant surprise in September 1996 when once again being in the Sankt Luciae Kirche, Meyenburg, this time with Blue Monday but once again accompanied by Ingrid Rethfeld, organ. On this occasion, we were a "proper" quintet and played wisely in the organ loft having eyeball-contact with our accompanist; the whole affair being a real success.
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