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Edward B. Marks Music Company has 120 publications posted in these webpages. They include 1 book at the Amazons, 3 items of piano sheet music at the Amazons, 2 items of recorder sheet music at SheetMusicPlus, 1 item of recorder sheet music no longer available SheetMusicPlus, 1 item of brass sheet music at SheetMusicPlus and 112 items of sheet music in the Lists of Works (Werkverzeichnisse).
     Title Author Supplier
Piano Sheet Music:
sm15.gif Heart O' Mine H. Spencer flag15us.gif
sm15.gif Kiss Me With Your Eyes H. Spencer flag15us.gif
sm15.gif La Paloma S. Yradier
book15.gif  Complete Rags for Piano William Bolcom flag15us.gif flag15uk.gif flag15de.gif flag15fr.gif flag15ca.gif flag15it.gif flag15es.gif
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Recorder Sheet Music:
perf15.jpg Music of the Renaissance Miscellaneous D/D(A)/A(T) smp_logo_88_white.gif
perf15.jpg Playing The Recorder - Soprano (Recorder) Miscellaneous D smp_logo_88_white.gif
perf15.jpg Telemann for Soprano or Tenor Recorder and Guitar Georg Philipp Telemann D(T)/Guit. smp_unav15.gif
Brass Sheet Music:
perf15.jpg Three Scott Joplin Rags Scott Joplin Brass Quintet smp_logo_88_white.gif
     Title Music Attribution
sm15.gif Sweet Sixteenths (1975) William Albright
sm15.gif Paper Doll (1943) Johnny S. Black(w&m) Frank Sinatra (perf.)
Mills Bros (perf.)
Bing Crosby (perf.)
sm15.gif Dictys on Seventh Avenue (1949) Eubie Blake
sm15.gif Tricky Fingers (1908) Eubie Blake
sm15.gif Troublesome Ivories (1911) Eubie Blake
sm15.gif Garden of Eden: Old Adam (1969) William Bolcom
sm15.gif Garden of Eden: the Eternal Feminine (1969) William Bolcom
sm15.gif Garden of Eden: the Serpent's Kiss (1969) William Bolcom
sm15.gif Garden of Eden: Through Eden's Gates (1969) William Bolcom
sm15.gif Last Rag (1968) William Bolcom
sm15.gif Raggin' Rudi (1974) William Bolcom
sm15.gif Seabiscuits (1967) William Bolcom
sm15.gif Tale of a Pig (1935) Frederic V. Bowers(w&m)
sm15.gif Down by the Old Apple Tree (1922) James Alexander Brennan(w&m) Al Wilson (co-author)
Morris & Flynn (perf.)
Duncan Sisters (perf.)
sm15.gif In My Old Plantation Home (1922) James Alexander Brennan Al Wilson (co-author)
Nat Mortan (perf.)
sm15.gif Oh Boy What Joy We Had in Barefoot Days (1932) James Alexander Brennan Al Wilson (words)
sm15.gif Nut-Sey Fagan (1923) Ernest Breuer BIlly Rose (words)
Mort Dixon (words)
Nutsey Fagan (perf.)
sm15.gif  Oh! How I Wish I Knew (n.d.) James Brockman(w&m) Pete Wendling (co-author)
sm15.gif Wait Till You See Me Sunday (1921) Jack Caddigan(w&m) Story (co-author)
sm15.gif Jumpin' Jive (1939), The Cab Calloway(w&m) Frank Froeba (co-author)
Jack Palmer (co-author)
Cab Calloway (perf.)
sm15.gif If My Baby Cooks (1926) Jack Carroll Irving Kahal (words)
Belle Brooks (perf.)
sm15.gif You're Not the Only Pebble on the Beach (1896) Stanley Carter Harry Braisted (words)
Lottie Gilson (perf.)
sm15.gif Good Mister Santa Claus, Bring Back Mamma (1921) Warner Crosby George Totten Smith (words)
sm15.gif Whose Little Girl Is the Girl You're With Tonight (1925) Leo Edwards Blanche Merrill (words)
sm15.gif In the Good Old Summertime (1902) George Evans Ren Shields (words)
Blanche Ring (perf.)
Mary Ford (perf.)
Les Paul (perf.)
Julie Mackey (perf.)
William Redmond (perf.)
Edison Military Band (perf.)
John W. Myers (perf.)
sm15.gif I'm Just a Wall Flower (1926) Billy Frisch(w&m) Jack Pepper Roy Bergere (co-author)
Leota & Lola Lane (perf.)
sm15.gif Suppose She Were a Sister of Your Own (1897) Arthur Gillespie(w&m) Imogene Comer (perf.)
sm15.gif Wedding of Punch and Judy (1932) Ernie Golden
sm15.gif She Is More to Be Pitied, Than Censured (1894) William B. Gray(w&m) Harry Taft (perf.)
Charles Falke (perf.)
Milner Verren (perf.)
Lizzie B. Raymond (perf.)
sm15.gif Poor Kid (1931) Jessie Greer L. Wolfe Gilbert (words)
Ben Bernie (perf.)
sm15.gif You Fit Into the Picture (1935) Jessie Greer Bud Green (words)
Annette Hanshaw (perf.)
sm15.gif Ich liebe Dich (1941) Edvard Hagerup Grieg Edward Grieg (words)
sm15.gif By Heck - Song (1915) Stephen R. Henry L. Wolfe Gilbert (words)
sm15.gif Down in the Old Cherry Orchard (1907) Stephen R. Henry Alfred Bryan (words)
Fred Rose (perf.)
sm15.gif I'm Crazy For Love (1940) Stephen R. Henry Gene Hodgkins (words)
sm15.gif  That Raggedy Rag (1912) Stephen R. Henry Gene Hodgkins (words)
sm15.gif Parade of the Wooden Soldiers - Song (1922), The Léon Jessel(w&m)
sm15.gif Parade of the Wooden Soldiers (1911), The Léon Jessel
sm15.gif Johnnie Get Your Hair Cut (1935) J. Rosamond Johnson Edward Bennett (co-author)
J. Rosamond Johnson (words)
Edward Bennett (words)
sm15.gif Lift Every Voice and Sing (1900) J. Rosamond Johnson James Weldon Johnson (words)
sm15.gif Mississippi River (1932) J. Rosamond Johnson Frank Abbott (words)
sm15.gif Original Dixieland One Step (1917) Joe Jordan
sm15.gif Ha-Za-Zaa (1920) Emmerich Kálman Tom (words)
Cushing (words)
E. P. Heath (words)
Mitzi (perf.)
sm15.gif Pining (1921) James Kendis Brockman (words)
Ben Russell (words)
sm15.gif Amapola (1924) Joseph M. Lacalle Albert Gamse (words)
Deanna Durbin (perf.)
Jimmy Dorsey (perf.)
sm15.gif Ukulele Blues (1924) Claude Lapham(w&m) May Singhi Breen (co-author)
Samuel Kors (co-author)
May Singhi Breen (perf.)
sm15.gif Ducklings on Parade (1937) Vaughn de Leath(w&m) Vaughn de Leath (perf.)
sm15.gif Susan (1922) Vaughn de Leath(w&m) Harold Burg (words)
sm15.gif Two Rocking Chairs by the Fireside (1937) Vaughn de Leath(w&m) Vaughn de Leath (perf.)
sm15.gif Why Doesn't Santa Come to Me? (1932) Vaughn de Leath(w&m)
sm15.gif Breeze and I (1929), The Ernesto Lecuona Al Stillman (words)
Caterina Valente (perf.)
sm15.gif Dust on the Moon (1934) Ernesto Lecuona Stanley Adams Spanish lyrics by (words)
sm15.gif Say ''Si Si'' (1935) Ernesto Lecuona(w&m) Al Stillman (words)
Francia Lubanenglish (words)
Bob Strong (perf.)
Andrews Sisters (perf.)
sm15.gif  Two Hearts That Pass in the Night (1941) Ernesto Lecuona Forman Brown (words)
Chuck Foster (perf.)
Clyde Lucas (perf.)
sm15.gif My Little Nest (1926) Ferencz Lehár Sigmund Spaeth (words)
sm15.gif Eddie Leonard Blues (?) Eddie Leonard
sm15.gif Eddie Leonard Booloo Beau (?) Eddie Leonard
sm15.gif Eddie Leonard Mandy (?) Eddie Leonard
sm15.gif Eddie Leonard's Molasses Candy (1910) Eddie Leonard J. Leubrie Hill (words)
sm15.gif I Want to Go Back to the Land of Cotton (?) Eddie Leonard
sm15.gif I Wish I Was Some Little Girlie's Beau (1914) Eddie Leonard Mabel Russel (perf.)
Eddie Leonard (perf.)
sm15.gif I'm Goin' to Live Anyhow Till I Die (?) Eddie Leonard
sm15.gif Ida, Sweet As Apple Cider (1916) Eddie Leonard(w&m) Eddie Munson (co-author)
sm15.gif Louisiana Moon and the Coon (?) Eddie Leonard
sm15.gif Oh Didn't It Rain? (1923) Eddie Leonard(w&m)
sm15.gif Oh What Eyes (?) Eddie Leonard
sm15.gif Chimes of Spring (1930) Paul Lincke Louis Wolfe Gilbert (co-author)
sm15.gif March of the Siamese (1923) Paul Lincke Ballard Macdonald (words)
Charles Kerr (perf.)
sm15.gif Sparks (1928) Theo Uden Masman
sm15.gif Looks Like a Beautiful Day (1934) George W. Meyer(w&m) Eugene West (co-author)
Pete Wendling (co-author)
sm15.gif Strut Long Papa (1923) Bob Miller Trebor Rellim (words)
sm15.gif  New Black Eagle Buck (1976), The Max Morath
sm15.gif There'll Be Some Changes Made (1923) W. Benton Overstreet Billy Higgins (words)
Boswell Sisters (perf.)
Marion Harris (perf.)
sm15.gif La Violetera (1934) José Padilla Francia Luban (words)
sm15.gif Oh! Mr. Kaiser (1914) Arthur W. Parry Bert H. Delmar (words)
Gladys Mavius (perf.)
Bert H. Delmar: (perf.)
sm15.gif Held Fast in a Baby's Hands (1921) Ray Perkins(w&m) George Wilton Ballard (perf.)
sm15.gif Roll On, Thou Deep and Dark Blue Ocean (1907) Henry W. Petrie H. B. Dale (words)
sm15.gif Make Those Naughty Eyes Behave (1925) Maceo Pinkard Edna Alexander (words)
Gene Austin (words)
sm15.gif Bluer Than Blue (1933) Lew Pollack Tot Seymour (words)
sm15.gif Moonbeams (1921) George E. Price Sam H. Stept (co-author)
sm15.gif Moonbeams - Song (1921) George E. Price Sam H. Stept (co-author)
Bud Green (words)
sm15.gif I Never Knew How Much I Loved You (1925) Dave Ringle Phoebe Diamond (co-author)
Burt W. Spear (co-author)
sm15.gif Manhattan (1925) Richard Rodgers Lorenz Hart (words)
Dinah Shore (perf.)
Tony Martin (perf.)
Joe Bushkin (perf.)
sm15.gif Memphis by Mornin' (1933) Peter De Rose Eugene West (words)
sm15.gif Espanita (1895) George Rosey
sm15.gif Tickled Pink (1974) William S. Rowland
sm15.gif If I Could Make You Believe (1927) Sal Russo(w&m) Belle Brooks (perf.)
sm15.gif Love Clock : Tick-Tock-Tick-Tock (1924), The Alma M. Sanders(w&m) Monte Carlo (co-author)
sm15.gif Princess April (1924) Alma M. Sanders Monte Carlo (co-author)
Monte Carlo (words)
sm15.gif  Tom Thumb's Drumb (1932) Leslie Sarony(w&m)
sm15.gif Shootin' the Agate (1976) Thomas A. Schmutzler
sm15.gif Floating Thru the Air (1927) Arthur Schwartz Henry Myers (words)
sm15.gif I Loved You Wednesday (1933) Abner Silver(w&m) Walter Kent (co-author)
Milton Drake (co-author)
sm15.gif On Top of Old Smoky (1944) Lou Singer(w&m)
sm15.gif Little Lost Rolling Stone (1923) Alfred Solman Leslie Moore (words)
Joseph Martell (perf.)
sm15.gif When the Bell in the Lighthouse Rings Ding, Dong (1932) Alfred Solman Arthur J. Lamb (words)
Gus Reed (perf.)
Frank C. Stanley (perf.)
sm15.gif Heart O' Mine (1924) Herbert Spencer Fleta Jan Brown (words)
sm15.gif Kiss Me With Your Eyes (1923) Herbert Spencer Fleta Jan Brown (words)
Helen Bell Rush (perf.)
Beth McCoy (perf.)
sm15.gif Rose of Old Castile (1923) Herbert Spencer Fleta Jan Brown (words)
Carmella Ponselle (perf.)
sm15.gif Trust Me (1923) Herbert Spencer Fleta Jan Brown (words)
Stuart Barrie (perf.)
sm15.gif Chinese Boogie Woogie (1945) Gregory Stone
sm15.gif Red Notes (1933) Gregory Stone
sm15.gif Twelve O'Clock and All Is Well (1934) Harry Tobias Charles Tobias (words)
sm15.gif Alla En El Rancho Grande (1934) Emilio Uranga Bartley Costello (words)
J. del Moral (words)
sm15.gif Yellow Rose Rag (1976) Terry Waldo
sm15.gif Whenever You're Lonesome Just Telephone Me (1922) Pete Wendling Max Kortlander (co-author)
sm15.gif Honolulu Honey (1921) Louis Weslyn Eva Applefield (co-author)
Hal Dyson (co-author)
Ferera & Franchini (perf.)
sm15.gif  All That I Want Is To Be Left Alone (1923) Al Wilson Al Wilson (co-author)
Wainwright Sisters (perf.)
sm15.gif Barefoot Days (1923) Al Wilson(w&m) Jas. A. Brennan (co-author)
Wainwright Sisters (perf.)
Art Mooney (perf.)
sm15.gif Down by the Old Apple Tree (1922) Al Wilson James Alexander Brennan (co-author)
Ann Suter (perf.)
Ernest Hare (perf.)
Billy Jones (perf.)
sm15.gif I'm Goin' to Plant Myself in My Old Plantation Home (1922) Al Wilson(w&m) James A. Brennan (co-author)
Tex Ellis (perf.)
sm15.gif Little Red School House (1922), The Al Wilson Jas. A. Brennan (words)
Wainwright Sisters (perf.)
Foster's Melody Boys (perf.)
Bennett Twins (perf.)