F. Pitman Hart & Co.
Last updated: 04.05.21

F. Pitman Hart & Co. has 6 publications posted in these webpages. They include 2 items of piano sheet music at the Amazons and 4 items of sheet music in the Lists of Works (Werkverzeichnisse).
     Title Author Supplier
Piano Sheet Music:
sm15.gif Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming S. Foster flag15us.gif
sm15.gif Darling Nelly Gray B.R. Hanby flag15us.gif
     Title Music Attribution
sm15.gif When the Old Man Came Home Sober (n.d.) John Cooke
sm15.gif Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming (1900) Stephen Collins Foster Christy Minstrels (sung by)
sm15.gif Darling Nelly Gray (1850) Benjamin Russel Hanby Christy Minstrels (sung by)
sm15.gif Gate of Mercy (in C) (1899?), The Charles Arthur Rawlings Stanhope Gray (words)