Harry Engel Inc.
Last updated: 14.12.21
Address: New York, USA

Harry Engel Inc. has 6 publications posted in these webpages. They include 1 item of piano sheet music at the Amazons and 5 items of sheet music in the Lists of Works (Werkverzeichnisse).
     Title Author Supplier
Piano Sheet Music:
sm15.gif The Swing Waltz E. East flag15us.gif flag15es.gif
     Title Music Attribution
sm15.gif Is It Just a Summer Romance? (1935) J. Fred Coots Anthony Turner (words)
sm15.gif Swing Waltz (1936), The Ed East L. McPhail (co-author)
sm15.gif I've Got a New Deal in Love (1935) J. Russel Robinson Bill Livingston (words)
sm15.gif Lamp and a Chair (1935), A J. Russel Robinson(w&m) Bill Livingston (co-author)
Jolly Coburn (perf.)
sm15.gif Many Thanks For the Dance (1934) Mabel Wayne Mack David (words)