Joe Davis Inc.
Last updated: 03.07.20
Address: New York, USA

Joe Davis Inc. has 10 publications posted in these webpages. They include 1 item of piano sheet music at the Amazons and 9 items of sheet music in the Lists of Works (Werkverzeichnisse).
     Title Author Supplier
Piano Sheet Music:
sm15.gif She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain S. Williams flag15us.gif flag15es.gif
     Title Music Attribution
sm15.gif In That Vine Covered Chapel in the Valley (1935) Fred Fisher Fred Rose (co-author)
sm15.gif Any Old Lane Is Lover's Lane (1938) Howard E. Johnson J. Davis (words)
sm15.gif Slippery Hips (1930) James Price Johnson Andy Razaf (words)
sm15.gif Moonlight Down in Lovers' Lane (1933) Max Kortlander George B.Pitman (words)
Bartley Costello (words)
sm15.gif Stack 'em Up (1927) H. Leo Levy Luis C. Russell (co-author)
sm15.gif Patsy Lou (1935) Muriel Pollock
sm15.gif Is I Gotta Go to School, Ma? (1934) J. Russel Robinson Mabel Robinson (words)
Fran' Brooks (words)
sm15.gif African Ripples (1931) Thomas Waller
sm15.gif She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain (1930) Spencer Williams