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J.B. Cramer & Co. Ltd has 34 publications posted in these webpages. They include 1 item of recorder music in my own library, 1 item of piano sheet music at the Amazons and 32 items of sheet music in the Lists of Works (Werkverzeichnisse).
     Title Author Supplier
Piano Sheet Music:
sm15.gif Neighbours J. Fredericks flag15uk.gif flag15es.gif
     Title Composer Instruments Remarks
sm15.gif Twenty Passages From Flute Parts in the Church Cantatas Johann Sebastian Bach A
     Title Music Attribution
sm15.gif I Do Like to Sing in My Bath (1922) T. C. Sterndale Bennett Charles Hayes (words)
Alfred Lester (perf. by)
sm15.gif I Will Stand by My Friend (1870) George Bicknell Bedford Reuter (words)
sm15.gif Night and Day (1878) Alfred Cellier Henry S Leigh (words)
sm15.gif Longshoreman (1889), The Edward Mills Chesham Philip Dayson (words)
Robert Howe (perf. by)
sm15.gif Colours (1915) Margaret Cooper Arthur Humble-Crofts (words)
sm15.gif Accent On (1894), The John Crook W. Pink (words)
A. Roberts (perf. by)
sm15.gif Auctioneer's Song (1887), The John Crook H B Farnie (words)
A. Roberts (perf. by)
sm15.gif King of the Strand (1893), The John Crook Richard Barnard (words)
G. W. Anson (perf. by)
sm15.gif Quite Sufficient (1887) John Crook W. Pink (words)
A. Roberts (perf. by)
sm15.gif Tain't Natural (1887) John Crook H B Farnie (words)
A. Roberts (perf. by)
sm15.gif What's in a Name? (1893) John Crook Richard Barnard (words)
T. Costello (perf. by)
sm15.gif Somebody's Darling (1886) George Dance
sm15.gif Neighbours (1908) Julian Fredericks E. Teschemacher (words)
sm15.gif Unless You Can Love Me (1908) Lawrence Hanray A. Dawson (words)
sm15.gif Awfully Awful (1878) G.W. Hunt T Robinson (words)
Kate Santley (perf. by)
sm15.gif Black-Beetle Farm (1885) John Lovett King Herbert Harraden (words)
sm15.gif Lay of the Very Last Minstrel (1890), The John Lovett King Charles J Rowe (words)
sm15.gif  Hop, Skip and Jump (1937) Frank Henri Klickmann
sm15.gif Pollee-Wollee-Hama (1867) Arthur Lloyd(w&m)
sm15.gif Continong (1894), The Meyer Lutz Henry J Byron (words)
Kate Vaughan (perf. by)
Nellie Farren (perf. by)
sm15.gif He Always Came Home to Tea (1890) Meyer Lutz F C Burnand (words)
J.L. Toole (perf. by)
sm15.gif For the Sake of the Dear Little Girls (1886) Felix McGlennon H Masseder (words)
Vesta Tilley (perf. by)
sm15.gif Original Girl (1877), An Edward Solomon F C Burnand (words)
Henry Pottinger Stephens (words)
Edith Blande (perf. by)
sm15.gif Musical Chess Tournament (1893), A Howard Talbot Gobnait Ní Bhruadair (words)
Rowland Wood (words)
sm15.gif Soldier! Soldier! (1913) Howard Talbot P J O'Reilly (words)
sm15.gif Asthore (Darling) (1893) Henry Trotère Clifton Bingham (words)
Reinald Werrenrath (perf. by)
sm15.gif In Old Madrid (1889) Henry Trotère Clifton Bingham (words)
Ada Jones (perf. by)
Kate Vannah (perf. by)
Christine Miller (perf. by)
Harold L Walters (perf. by)
Emilio de Gogorza (perf. by)
sm15.gif In Your Dear Eyes (1914) Henry Trotère(w&m)
sm15.gif Gems of Maritana. Book 1 (1846) William Vincent Wallace
sm15.gif Gone Is the Calmness From My Heart (1847) William Vincent Wallace
sm15.gif Village Blacksmith (1855), The W.H. Weiss Peter Dawson (perf. by)
sm15.gif My Heart's Queen (1912) Alfred H. West J H Barnes (words)