L.F. Collin Pty. Ltd
Last updated: 09.06.21
Address: Australia

L.F. Collin Pty. Ltd has 15 publications posted in these webpages. They include 15 items of sheet music in the Lists of Works (Werkverzeichnisse).
     Title Music Attribution
sm15.gif When the Leaves Begin to Fall (1922) Maurice Baron
sm15.gif King of Borneo (1929c) Frank Crumit(w&m)
sm15.gif Zanzibar (1930) Kenneth Duffield(w&m)
sm15.gif My Heart Wants Love and You (1923) Willie Eckstein John Anderson (words)
sm15.gif I Wish It Were Sunday Night To-Night (1936) Fred Godfrey Huntley Trevor (words)
B. Williams (sung by)
sm15.gif Welcoming Them in to the Welcome Inn (1936) Fred Godfrey(w&m)
sm15.gif James William Maconochie (1914) Dick Henty Arthur Davenport (words)
sm15.gif I've Built a Bamboo Bungalow For You (1922) Alf J. Lawrance Tom Mellor (words)
sm15.gif Lazy Maisie (1930) Alf J. Lawrance Harry Gifford (words)
G. H. Elliott (sung by)
sm15.gif My Poor Old Mother's Shawl (1915) Dan Lipton C W Murphy (words)
Hugh D McIntosh (words)
sm15.gif Ain't Love Grand (1937) Leslie Sarony(w&m)
sm15.gif Let Me Carry Your Bag Dad to Bagdad, to Bagdad, Dad (1936) Leslie Sarony(w&m)
sm15.gif My Own Land (1921) Reginald Alberto Agrati Stoneham Hilda Carroll (words)
sm15.gif Posy (191-?), A Reginald Alberto Agrati Stoneham Ellen Deane (words)
sm15.gif He Hadn't - Up 'till Yesterday, But I Guess He Will Tonight (1928) Sophie Tucker(w&m)