Charles B. Ward  (1865-1917)
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Charles B. Ward was born in London and and is best known for his hit Strike Up The Band, (1895). He died in New York.
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cd15.gif Knuckles O'Toole Knuckles O'Toole: Plays Honky Tonk Piano flag15us.gif
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url15.gif Band Played On, The John F. Palmer (words)
Tony Pastor (sung by)
Lillian Russell (sung by)
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Title Year Attribution Remarks
Band Played On, The 1895 Dave Reed Jr. (words)
Tony Pastor (sung by)
Lillian Russell (sung by)
I'll Make Dat Black Gal Mine 1896 Dave Reed (words)  wvicon.gif
Enjoy Yourselves 1897
She's My Warm Baby 1897
I Wish My Rent Was Paid 1898
Leave Your Razors at the Door 1900  wvicon.gif
Strike Up the Band, Here Comes a Sailor 1900 Andrew B. Sterling (words)  wvicon.gif