Wynn Stanley 
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audioextmp315.gif Ca-Bages, Ca-Beans, Car-Rots (1919) Florrie Forde Zonophone 1949
     Title Attribution Remarks
url15.gif Take Back the Heart That You Gave Me Wynn Stanley (music)
Andrew Allen (words)
Hal Wright (perf.)
This list is arranged in chronological order and contains 34 works by Wynn Stanley. It does not claim to be complete and represents only the number of items located. Keys: (w&m)
Title Year Attribution Remarks
Ca-Bages, Ca-Beans, Car-Rots 1919 Andrew Allen (words)
George Bass (perf.)
Florrie Forde (perf.)
 wvicon.gif  audioextmp315.gif
Dear Old Mother 1920 A Allen (words)
I'm in Love With Selina 1920 George Arthurs (words)
My House Is Haunted by the Ghost of a Beautiful Girl 1920 A Allen (words)
Where Does the Rhinososorus Get His R.H.I.N.O? 1920 A Allen (words)
Bee That Gets the Honey , The 1921 A Allen (words)
Borneo 1921 A Allen (words)
Every Morning 1921 A Allen (words)
Harry! Take Me on a Charry (w&m) 1921
Muldooney's Christening 1921 A Allen (words)
Sing a Song of Old Virginia 1921 A Allen (words)
Take Back the Heart That You Gave Me 1921 A Allen (words)
Hal Wright (perf.)
What Did It Cost King Solomon 1921 A Allen (words)
You Make Me Forget What I Want to Remember 1921 A Allen (words)
A-A-At-Choo! 1922 A Allen (words)
Let's Have a Song About Rhubub (w&m) 1922
Title Year Attribution Remarks
Sally, You Brought Sunshine to Our Alley 1922 A Allen (words)
Wake Me Up When We Get to Alabamy 1922 A Allen (words)
Who's the Girl? 1922 A Allen (words)
Annie 1923 A Allen (words)
Jos Geo Gilbert (words)
Granny's Song at Twilight 1923 A Allen (words)  wvicon.gif
He Used to Sing in His Sleep 1923 A Allen (words)
Holding Hands 1923 W Allen (words)
Jos Geo Gilbert (words)
In the Eyes of the World You're Mine 1923 A Allen (words)
Worton David (words)
Just to Amuse the Baby 1923 Harry Castling (words)
A Allen (words)
Monkey Doodle Harem 1923 A Allen (words)
Never Let Her Learn to Dance (w&m) 1923
Scenes That Are Brightest 1923 A Allen (words)
Then You'll Be Sorry For Me 1923 A Allen (words)
Worton David (words)
Why Did I Marry My Wife? 1923 A Allen (words)
Woman Always Pays, The 1923 A Allen (words)
Cow-Heel Joe 1924 A Allen (words)
Title Year Attribution Remarks
Lovin' Sam of Lancashire, Cow-Hee Joe, The 1924 A Allen (words)
Plain Jane of the Family, The 1924 A Allen (words)