Walter P. Keen 
Last updated: 27.04.22
     Title Attribution Remarks
url15.gif Like a Good Little Wife Should Do Walter P. Keen (music)
Leigh (words)
Florrie Forde (perf.)
url15.gif Mother Doyle's Diamond Jubilee Walter P. Keen (words & music)
Peggie Pryde (perf.)
url15.gif Oh Flo! Did You But Know! Walter P. Keen (words & music)
Florrie Forde (perf.)
url15.gif That's a Bit of Acting Off the Stage Walter P. Keen (words & music)
A. Lennard (perf.)
This list is arranged in chronological order and contains 36 works by Walter P. Keen. It does not claim to be complete and represents only the number of items located. Keys: (w&m)
Title Year Attribution Remarks
All the Comforts of a Home (w&m) 1892  wvicon.gif
Good Ship Home Sweet Home, The (w&m) 1892  Pub.
No One Else Can Ever Fill Your Place (w&m) 1892  Pub.
Schoolboys Together (w&m) 1892  Pub.
Song For My Love to Sing, A (w&m) 1892  Pub.
They Are, I Don't Think 1892 Ruby Hart (words)  wvicon.gif
American Tears (w&m) 1893  Pub.
But There Are Others (w&m) 1893  Pub.
Charley's Aunt (w&m) 1894  Pub.
It's All Gone Now (w&m) 1894 P. Eldridge (perf.)  wvicon.gif
My Clara (w&m) 1894  wvicon.gif
You May Return to Me (w&m) 1894  Pub.
In the Ranks of the Salvation Army (w&m) 1895  wvicon.gif
In This World of Pleasure and Pain (w&m) 1895  Pub.
Story of a Woman With a Past, The (w&m) 1895  Pub.
Baby Girl (w&m) 1896  Pub.
Title Year Attribution Remarks
If You're Not Good I'll Put You in the Corner (w&m) 1896  wvicon.gif
Night I Lost the Bet, The (w&m) 1896  wvicon.gif
Shall We Forgive Her (w&m) 1896  wvicon.gif
Sweet Jenny Lee (w&m) 1896  wvicon.gif
Since I Became a Married Man (w&m) 1897 G.W. Hunter (perf.)  wvicon.gif
Follies of Youthity, The (w&m) 1898 Florrie Forde (perf.)  Pub.
He Don't Know Where He's At (w&m) 1898  wvicon.gif
Mother Doyle's Diamond Jubilee 1898 Owen Conduit (words)
Peggie Pryde (perf.)
Oh Flo! Did You But Know! (w&m) 1898 Florrie Forde (perf.)  Pub.
That's the Way to Keep a Man at Home 1898 A J Mills (words)
Rose Dearing (perf.)
I Like My Glass of Foaming Beer 1899 F.W. Leigh (words)
Harry Anderson (perf.)
Poor Little Whitechapel Coon, The 1899 Mark Anthony (words)  Pub.
They Were Very, Very Good to Me 1899 F.W. Leigh (words)
T. E. Dunville (perf.)
They're the Sort of Girls That I Like! (w&m) 1899 H. Bedford (perf.)  wvicon.gif
Day the Farmer Came to See the Town, The 1900 Len Spencer (words)
That's a Bit of Acting Off the Stage (w&m) 1900 A. Lennard (perf.)  Pub.
Title Year Attribution Remarks
Like a Good Little Wife Should Do 1901 Leigh (words)
Florrie Forde (perf.)
They're Calling, Calling You (w&m) 1901  Pub.
I Was the Honeysuckle- Mary Was the Bee (w&m) 1902 A. Lennard (perf.)  Pub.
I Want You to Be My Only-Only (w&m) 1903 R. G. Knowles (perf.)  Pub.