Maurice K. Jerome  (1893-1977)
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According to the Internet source given below, Maurice K. Jerome, born in Encino , California), was an American film composer , songwriter , pianist and music publisher , who was nominated for Oscars in 1945 and 1946. His Oscar-nominated songs were Sweet Dreams, Sweetheart from the romantic musical comedy Hollywood Canteen (1944) and Some Sunday Morningfrom the Western A Man of Action as well as the lullaby My Little Buckaroointroduced in the Western Cherokee Strip (1937).
Of Ragtime interest is his cake walk Southern Appetizer (1915).

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This list is arranged in chronological order and contains 41 works by Maurice K. Jerome (1893-1977). It does not claim to be complete and represents only the number of items located. Key: Electronic Resource Items
Title Year Co-Author Words By Remarks
I'd Give Everything For You 1915 Jack Stern
Southern Appetizer 1915
Just a Baby's Prayer at Twilight 1918 Sam. M. Lewis, Joe Young  wvicon.gif
There's a Battlefield in Every Mother's Heart 1918 Howard E. Rogers  wvicon.gif
Victory 1918 Jack Wilson, Ben Bard
Down the Lane and Home Again 1919 Bert Kalmar, Edgar Leslie  wvicon.gif
Fires of Faith 1919 Sam M. Lewis, Joe Young  wvicon.gif
Jazz Baby 1919 Blanche Merrill  wvicon.gif
Poor Little Butterfly Is a Fly Girl Now 1919 Sam J. Lewis, Joe Young  wvicon.gif
Swanee Sue 1919 Tot Seymour, Roy Turk
Underneath the Southern Skies 1919 Arthur E Behim, Harry Ruby  wvicon.gif
Jinga Bula Jing Jing 1920 Sam M. Lewis, Joe Young  wvicon.gif
Old Pal - Why Don't You Answer Me? 1920 Sam M. Lewis, Joe Young  wvicon.gif
My Mammy Knows 1921 Harry De Costa  wvicon.gif
Cuddle-Up Blues 1922 Words & Music by Jerome Harry De Costa  wvicon.gif
Mary, Dear - Some Day We Will Meet Again 1922 Harry De Costa  wvicon.gif
Title Year Co-Author Words By Remarks
Hotsy Totsy Town 1923 Bert Kalmar, Harry Ruby
Roll Along Missouri 1923 Bert Kalmar, Harry Ruby  wvicon.gif
One Million Times a Day 1924 Sam M. Lewis, Joe Young  wvicon.gif
Home Pals 1925 Sam J. Lewis, Joe Young  wvicon.gif
Dream Kisses 1927 Jack Yellen  wvicon.gif
You and I in the Moonlight 1929 Ned Washington  wvicon.gif
Looking in the Window 1930 Harry Richman, Al. Bryan  wvicon.gif
Under the Spell of Your Kiss 1930 Joan Jasmyn  wvicon.gif
I Idolize My Baby's Eyes 1931 Joan Jasmyn  wvicon.gif
The Angel Cake Lady and the Gingerbread Man 1932 Joan Jasmyn, Pat Ballard
Isle of Blues 1933 Joan Jasmyn  wvicon.gif
Drifting Along 1936 Jack Scholl  wvicon.gif
Thru the Courtesy of Love 1936 Jack Scholl
Little Heaven of the Seven Seas 1937 Jack Scholl
My Little Buckaroo 1937 Jack Scholl  wvicon.gif
The Old Apple Tree 1938 Jack Scholl  wvicon.gif
Title Year Co-Author Words By Remarks
You, You Darlin' 1940 Jack Scholl
Song of the Bombardiers 1943 Jack Scholl  wvicon.gif
Sweet Dreams, Sweetheart 1944 Ted Koehler  wvicon.gif
I Wish That I Wish Tonight 1945 Jack Scholl  wvicon.gif
Some Sunday Morning 1945 Ray Heindorf Ted Koehler  wvicon.gif
Wish That I Wish Tonight 1945 Jack Scholl  wvicon.gif
Bright Eyes 1948 Motzan, Otto Harry Bache Smith  wvicon.gif
Christmas Tree Angel - Sweet Angie 1950 Jack Scholl  wvicon.gif
I've Got the Blues For Home Sweet Home ? E. Ray Goetz, George W. Meyer
     Title Performer Score/Song
youtube15.jpg Southern Appetizer (2:39) Ragtime Dorian Henry