Carl Howard 
Last updated: 31.01.24
This list is arranged in chronological order and contains 25 works by Carl Howard. It does not claim to be complete and represents only the number of items located. Keys: (w&m)
Title Year Attribution Remarks
Fred Poplar's Nursery Rhyme Medley 1893 John S. Baker (words)
Fred Poplar (perf.)
Don't You Wish You Could? 1894 Lily Burnand (words)  Pub.
I'll Get My Own Back 1894 Alfred Lamont (words)
George Robey (perf.)
I've Got a Little Song to Sing (w&m) 1894 George Robey (perf.)  Pub.
Mammy's Little Bally Balmy Coon 1894 Hattie Starr (words)  Pub.
Uncle's Trombone (w&m) 1894 Marie Tyler (perf.)  Pub.
I Wasn't Sure (w&m) 1895 George Robey (perf.)  Pub.
Not Me 1895 Harry Leighton (words)
Richard George Knowles (perf.)
Usual Morning Performance, The 1895 Harry Leighton (words)
W. P. Dempsey (perf.)
Now I Should Think He's Sorry (w&m) 1896 George Robey (perf.)  Pub.
Wot Cher Trilby! (w&m) 1896 Harry Freeman (perf.)  Pub.
Don't It Tantalize You? 1897 Bernard Armstrong (words)  Pub.
Little Bit of Luck, A 1897 John S. Baker (words)
Harry Freeman (perf.)
To Celebrate the Diamond Jubilee 1897 Bert Radford (words)  Pub.
While the Bells Were Ringing (w&m) 1897 Rose Elliott (perf.)  Pub.
Business Suspended 1898 George Everard (words)
Frank Lynne (perf.)
Parapher-Paraphernalia 1898 George Everard (words)
Bernard Armstrong (words)
Oh, What a Wicked World We Live In 1899 Harry Leighton (words)
Arthur W. Rigby (perf.)
Sarah From the Bone-Yard 1899 George Everard (words)
Tom E. Leamore (perf.)
Wanted - a Lady 1899 George d' Albert (words)
George Everard (words)
It Did Amuse the Children (w&m) 1902  Pub.
Waiting, Watching, by the Cottage Door (w&m) 1902  Pub.
For All the Saints 1904 William Walsham How (words)  wvicon.gif
Hiawatha on the Brain (w&m) 1904  Pub.
Love (w&m) ?  Pub.